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Leg Lengthening

Ready to stand tall? Add up to 6 inches in 6 months! Discover the innovative leg lengthening procedure exclusively by Scheer Medical.
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Leg Lengthening

The leg lengthening procedure takes advantage of the body’s ability to generate new bone and other essential tissues like ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves.
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Osteotomy is performed
Involves strategically cutting the bone that requires lengthening, and then special medical devices (adjustable Precice nails) are used to stabilize these two sections as new bone forms in the gap.
Bones have to rest for about a week.
Over the course of several months, the implanted nails are adjusted on a daily basis to gradually pull apart the separated bones.
The consolidation phase
After the bone reaches the target length, it must have sufficient time to heal and harden (calcify) before weight can be applied.

What Are The Benefits Of This Technique?

Compared to the traditional surgical techniques for increasing limb lengths, the ERC-controlled precise nail technique offers many advantages, including:
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Much less invasive than
conventional leg-lengthening surgery
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Less disruption to the
surrounding muscle and tissue
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Lengthening is very
precise and accurate
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Significantly less
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Smaller incisions
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Decreased risk of infection
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Results in fewer complications
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Reduced recovery time
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The patient has more mobility during recovery

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Dr. Scheer has been a Godsent. Instead of just “treating” an issue he seeks for resolutions. Too many of todays doctors look to get you medicated and “hooked” on maintenance in order to maintain clientele. Dr. Scheer looks to fix you for good and through his actions, he asks nothing more than to simply recommend him forward to the next human being in need of true genuine care.
Dr Scheer has been working with me for a year and from when I came in until now I was pretty banged up and with every visit I’ve been getting better. Dr Scheer definitely took his time and patience to work with you and make sure the process is going smooth and to trust in his expertise. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from pain or injury.

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Path To A
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